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Rebecca & Willard

SF city hall elopement
There is something so pure and sweet about this City Hall ceremony! No frills, no fuss, and all the beautiful smiles from their loved ones. Simplicity at it's best! VIEW FULL POST

Moni & Jacob

Nigerian-American Wedding at calistoga ranch
"We are very connected with one another's families - a diverse mix of Jake's half Puerto Rican, half Polish heritage, and my large Nigerian family. We often say in our relationship that, 'home is wherever I'm with you.' And it's true! We knew our wedding would bring together a very diverse group of friends and family, and we wanted to... VIEW FULL POST

Brian & Janice

Santa Monica Simplicity at the Marion Davies Guest House
Everything about Brian and Janice's wedding was purely, simply: HAPPY. There was no drama, no frills - and the most lovely day in Santa Monica you could ask for. VIEW FULL POST