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Black and White Beverly Hills Wedding
Sara started out dreaming about Monet while learning to dodge line drives and linebackers with long camera lenses in tow. Her skills were born at SF State and refined amid cleats and referees. Her unwavering commitment to GPS may drive her into a river (The Office, anyone?) and friends says she's like a real-life Seinfeld episode with her "Kramer-entrances" and her "Elaine-dancing". Call her a crazy artist; continually experimenting with variations of light, color, and movement. She is fiercely driven to stretch artistic boundaries at every turn. We think there's a method to her madness, and the secret may just be those sparkle TOMS. Learn more about Sara or the rest of the team
February 9, 2017   Lovely Lux, Weddings, Sara
You might recognize Spencer and Linda from their gorgeous engagement photos (and the story of how they met!) last year. If you didn't catch those photos, you might just recognize Spencer as he was the former drummer of Panic! at the Disco! (and yep, his best man was Brendon Urie along with Brendon's wife Sarah who was the maid of honor!) And speaking of those two, we still love looking at their wedding photos from a few years ago! :) 
Their wedding was absolutely perfect in how authentic it was to who they are as a couple. Linda shares, "We wanted to make sure that our wedding really represented us as a couple, and not just be a collection of cool things we saw at other people's weddings." 
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"I loved that we did a simultaneous first look - I didn't know what Spencer was wearing, so It was my first time seeing him, too! We stood on opposite sides of a huge pillar, and turned around at the same time. So much anticipation was leading up to that first look, so I'm glad we both got to experience it the same way."

"I literally had tunnel vision until after the ceremony was over - I don't remember seeing anything or anybody else except Spencer as I was walking down the aisle. We wrote our own vows, and those vows are my favorite part of the day (I still read them every day). We wrote them on paper, and had them framed afterward."

"We wanted everyone to have the best dinner ever, and Wolfgang Puck put together a menu of all the things we love for dinner and the dessert bar (churros, and strawberry shortcake push-pops included!). I'm Italian, so having every table covered in antipasti (olives, cheeses, breads, etc.) before they sat down was important - we love food, and didn't want anyone leaving hungry!"

"We love greenery, so we had a ton of dark green leaves as the base of the white flowers. The black, white, and emerald green color palette we used is beautiful, but we still wanted a bright pop of color, so we used copper as our accent color (charger plates, vases, mirror frames, etc.)."

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