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Sara & Dustin

fun and funky santa cruz wedding
8-20-13   Lady Libre, Weddings, Team
"The first look was my favorite! It was just so sweet... we both could cry, hug, laugh and just be with each other... cause once you walk down that aisle it doesn't stop until the end. Plus you get more photo time which ultimately leaves you with more time to dance, mingle and really enjoy being around all the people who came to celebrate... VIEW FULL POST

Daniel & Beth

mid century victorian wedding at dana-powers house and barn
We love Daniel and Beth!! Beth is the winemaker for Bear Flag Wine. YUMYUM. Daniel designs for the winery, and you should TOTALLY check out the amazing wine labels. We were thrilled with the two-part series that RuffledBlog ran this week! See Part 1 here and Part 2 Here! VIEW FULL POST

Shelley & Erik

funky green wedding at the andiron seaside inn & cabins
7-24-12   Lady Libre, Weddings, Team
Bluegrass party! Get down with your bad self! Shelley is a sculpture artist and Erik is a former pilot. Expired aeronautical charts and colorful pom poms. Everything about their wedding had a slight tinge of silliness and irreverence, but in a very loving way. Shelley says, "That's who we are in a nutshell, so it really felt like the... VIEW FULL POST

Chelsea & Tyler

breakfast for dinner and wedding mud fight!
The gals at 100 Lake Cake put together an AMAZING design of Chelsea and Tyler's wedding today! Love!! VIEW FULL POST