Lyndsey & Lachlan

romantic al fresco wedding in wine country
Jess K
Jess K has been taking risks in pursuit of new and exciting experiences since she was young. It all began as she studied photography in Montana and launched a photography career in her home state of North Dakota. Eventually, that adventurous spirit led her to travel, and she met her Californian husband in Europe. She packed up her car, and moved with her cat Howie to the West Coast -- a place she'd dreamed of shooting weddings in for years. Every now and then, this happy-go-lucky photographer and new mom still has to pinch herself to believe she's right where she always wanted to be. Learn more about Jess K or the rest of the team
November 28, 2016   Rustic Romantic, Weddings, Team
There is something so incredibly irresistible about this wedding. The views. The forest. The vines in the distance... And you can feel the warmth in the autumn air... Al fresco receptions are so romantic, and the team at Off The Beaten Path Weddings truly makes magic in wine country.

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