Daniel & Beth

mid century victorian wedding at dana-powers house and barn
Sara started out dreaming about Monet while learning to dodge line drives and linebackers with long camera lenses in tow. Her skills were born at SF State and refined amid cleats and referees. Her unwavering commitment to GPS may drive her into a river (The Office, anyone?) and friends says she's like a real-life Seinfeld episode with her "Kramer-entrances" and her "Elaine-dancing". Call her a crazy artist; continually experimenting with variations of light, color, and movement. She is fiercely driven to stretch artistic boundaries at every turn. We think there's a method to her madness, and the secret may just be those sparkle TOMS. Learn more about Sara or the rest of the team
August 24, 2012   Lady Libre, Ms. Mod, Weddings, Sara
We love Daniel and Beth!! Beth is the winemaker for Bear Flag Wine. YUMYUM. Daniel designs for the winery, and you should TOTALLY check out the amazing wine labels. We were thrilled with the two-part series that RuffledBlog ran this week! See Part 1 here and Part 2 Here!

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