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onelove is a family. Each photographer has been hand-selected and personally trained by Sara. Only photographers who embody the same intentional warmth and kindness of the onelove aesthetic both in their professional and personal lives shoot for onelove. It is the shared love for our art that unites us.

The selection and training process to be a onelove photographer is rigorous. Not only must a onelove photographer have an advanced educational background and experience in photography, but each must have an existing track-record of success in their craft before ever joining the team. Then, once selected, every photographer undergoes a thorough training period during which time each photographer receives personalized coaching to learn and to inhabit the standards and nuances that comprise the onelove aesthetic.

Such impeccable consistency comes from our unified commitment to the extremely focused artistic model we operate within. Our team is published in BRIDES Magazine, The Knot Magazine, Diablo Magazine, Style Me Pretty, 100 Layer Cake, Green Wedding Shoes, and multiple blogs around the world regularly. We look forward to creating our art with you.
Northern California
Jeremy is a master storyteller. Keen to the sweetest glance, he has a way to capture the most powerful "little moments" to encapsulate the essence of the day. Each and every couple that encounters his... read more
Jess K
Jess has been taking risks in pursuit of new and exciting experiences since she was young. It all began as she studied photography in Montana and launched a photography career in her home state of... read more
Keana was trained at the acclaimed Brooks Institute of Photography, and is a freelancer with the local Santa Cruz Newspaper. Her editorial lens is infused with artistry. She has a knack for holistic... read more
Lindsey will feel like your best friend the moment you meet her as she greets you with a big hug & friendly smile. She lives with an intentional enthusiasm for life & always finds a way to capture... read more
Nathan shares the same alma mater as Sara. Trained to create stories through imagery, he is a true documentarian. He's lived in Mexico City and Costa Rica and speaks Spanish! Not to mention, he loves... read more
Shannon is a fast pace, on-the-move kind of gal. There is never a dull moment for her! She loves meeting new people and having new experiences. As a distinguished Brooks Institute of Photography alum,... read more
Portland Oregon
Annette's curiosity about culture took her across the world where she found herself learning to live life in a new language and ride a camel. Living overseas in Tunisia for 3 years taught her to enjoy... read more
Southern California
Jennifer 's camera is like a third arm, it's been there for as long as she can remember. Raised by her hippie parents in San Dimas, she carries herself with a contagious joy and peace. Shooting... read more
Jessica P
Jessica received her very first Nikon analog camera from her dad when she was still young, and even though she's grown up (just a little) and gotten a couple new cameras since then, she's always had a... read more
Joanna is our bad-ass babe from Orange County. Tough a nails, sweet as pie. A professional sports photographer, producer for Kawasaki, and an certified digital tech instructor, she is constantly on... read more
Stephanie's life changed forever when in 2005 she uprooted her life and moved from Mississippi to Boston to work an internship with an established wedding photographer. From there, she launched her... read more
“What member of your team will be photographing my wedding?”


A genuine artisan at heart, Sara has spent over a decade researching, developing and refining her unique approach to Neo-Impressionism. From shooting professional live-action sports, to traveling to Monet's Garden, and photographing over 400 weddings as well as training over 50 photographers, Sara is an innovator.

As a natural style of editorial photography, the onelove aesthetic is an artful and delicate union spanning the timeless horizons of light and color. Our artistic model converges with the purposeful use of appropriate camera lenses fitted to capture guided and natural movement, combined with scenic composition in order to carefully narrate the subjects within the context of an atmosphere filled authentic emotion.

Every artist's work is a reflection of their own heart, as they interpret their world. The highest form of art is an unique interpretation.
Neo-Impressionism as Editorial Art

We are a family of neo-impressionists.

Neo = A new interpretation. Monet and Renoir are our muses. Like with Impressionism, fascination with light and movement is at the core of our art. We work with our hearts and our hands. In an instant, technological society that is starved for human touch, we consider ourselves artisans of life. We believe prom photos happened in high school and should never happen again. EVER! We will make your wedding easy. No wedding drama allowed. We guarantee we will be the easiest wedding professional you will work with. We believe that friends and family are more important than money. We believe that creativity is maximized when you're living in the moment. Play is our brain's favorite way of learning. We believe there is no such thing as a perfect wedding. The reality is, things are going to go wrong on your wedding day. That's fine. It's great, even. It's the imperfections that make the day yours (And the best photos). Beauty is in imperfections. Be loyal to what you love, be true to the earth, love wholeheartedly with passion and laughter. People will forget what you said and what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel. We believe to forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. We believe that unity is not possible without diversity. We are only a small part of our world family, joined by one very intentional choice to love!