The brides of  onelove

After shooting hundreds of weddings over the years, we started to notice a trend in the wedding culture. This led us on a hunt to complete some market research and analysis of our own clientele, and found that there are seven very distinct bride styles, and we specialize in shooting uniquely to each one of them. These seven brides represent your way of being, and how you express yourself. Every bride is different, but some share the same "vibe" — and those seven "vibes" are what you'll see are our specialty!"
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You are charming, warm and welcoming - and your wedding will embody this in the most shabby chic way. Approachable elegance. A sweet rustic dream. Handmade touches reflect who you are, uniquely as a couple. You'll make your merriment under a veil of stars, creating a warm, cozy environment for your guests who (signature cocktail in hand) will blaze the dance floor to the wee hours of the night and send you off in style with a sparkler parade to your honeymoon. You want the fairytale!
There IS such a thing as a professional thrift store shopper. Your sense of sophistication is laid back. You are in love with mismatched prints. Soft feminine paired with tough boy elements. The pulled-together paired with the super care-free. When you envision your wedding, the warm fuzzy sound from Motown and vintage jazz records will set the mood throughout the night. Ages afterwards, your friends will still reminisce about the smile booth that brought out the exhibitionist in everyone during your sweet indie dream wedding.
Retro. Mid-century and modern. Ms. Mod doesn't follow the trends, but rather creates ones that show off her own personal sense of style. Palm Springs is your mecca, and your Pinterest Board is filled with images of Audrey Heburn, Gimlets and, ...that AMAZING orange shag carpet. Nothing about your wedding involves the words: "poufy" or "stuffy" or "traditional". No prom photos, pul-lease!
Don't fence me in!" You don't color inside the lines. Lady Libre doesn't fit in any "category". You're a wild card! Fingerstaches. Food trucks. These are a few of your favorite things! You are easygoing and light-hearted - you don't take yourself too seriously, especially at your wedding. You may even consider a colorful, untraditional wedding dress. Bright accents and exaggerated, cheeky details, you embrace a feminine aesthetic, but in the most eclectic way!
Kate Middleton could be you. Or vise versa. (A girl can dream, right?) A modern take on poise and grace. Your wedding will be a reflection of your sensibility; refined and elegant but with an acknowledged informality. You embody elegance and timeless beauty. Your dress will be a piece of art, something that does not conform to the traditional gown. Fresh and chic.
You are eco-conscious. Satisfied with organic flowers and produce from the local garden and creating an atmosphere that mimics the natural environment. A Green Goddess strives to decrease the impact of her event on the planet - and there are many ways to do it without sacrificing style or elegance! Green Goddess is always eco-chic, which means your wedding is every bit as gorgeous as conventional weddings, but without the waste.
You adore any version of clean, straightforward design with little or no excess. Drama and frills not allowed. While your clothes may often appear deceivingly simple, they are frequently anything but. The unique appeal of a Pure Happiness bride lies in her purity of vision and the discipline to follow her convictions.