Joanna is our bad-ass babe from Orange County. Tough a nails, sweet as pie. A professional sports photographer, producer for Kawasaki, and an certified digital tech instructor, she is constantly on the go: from LA to NY, and over 12 international countries (and counting!). A few amazing and doubly important facts about her: she can quote EVERY line from Ace Ventura 2 and her favorite karaoke song is "Baby Got Back." You know you want Joanna on your team for a karaoke throw-down!


Has to be my dog, Rocco. He is a Jack Russell Terrier that is the light of our family. My husband and I are always fighting for his kisses. Once we have kids, I am sure that will change, but for now, I am fine bragging about my little guy. He is the star at the dog beach and is the best at giving cuddles.


The 70's would have been epic. Joplin, Hendrix, Miller, Marley. It was also the first fun era where women were respected. The olden days sound exciting but I would not want the double standards that occurred back then. The 70's were all about bell-bottoms, natural long hair and incredible music.

WHERE ARE YOUR FAVORITE huntington beach hangouts?

You will find me and my husband at a cute little local restaurant named The Corner on most weekends. They have a great eclectic menu that is always changing. We also love going on hikes up and down the Southern California Coast. Anywhere you land, you will be satisfied. For longer hikes with incredible views, try Laguna Beach and finish it off with a shake from Ruby's Shake Shack on PCH near Crystal Cove. Splurge for the fries too :)

where do you feel most inspired?

When I am traveling. I have had the unique and great pleasure of being able to teach photography internationally. By the end of the course, you have no idea what the students actually end up teaching me. I get so inspired in multiple tears. It starts with watching them create images, continuing with the images I create while traveling and it all culminates when you get to see everyone's final work and the satisfaction and pride on their faces.



I got it for Christmas and haven't looked back. It is so fun joining challenges and cheering friends. I love shooting weddings with it because I am sure to win every challenge when I am constantly on the go.

hot chocolate

I have never really been a coffee drinker. It tastes like dirt to me. I know, most people think I am crazy. I didn't even like the coffee in Italy on my honeymoon, but I never stray away from sugar and sweets. There is nothing better than a cup of hot chocolate on a lazy morning.

rainbow sandals

With all of the traveling that I do teaching international surf photography workshops, my leather rainbow sandals are my go to for all things travel! They have styles to fit an activity. I love the swarovski crystal sandals for hitting the town at night.

oats cashmere

My favorite all time cashmere company. They have everything from wraps to dresses and their sweaters are to die for. I bring my Oats wrap whenever I travel. It doubles as a comfy blanket when flying or hanging out in a hotel room.


Dun na na, dun na na. I love watching Sport Center while editing photos or doing busy work. At night, it replays every hour on the hour so if you miss something, you know you can catch it again an hour later. I prefer sports over sitcoms because there are no re-runs.


There is a saying that the way to a mans heart is through their stomach. I am the same way with Thai food. It is probably the best type of cuisine ever created! It is the only food genre that has never served me something that I didn't LOVE!