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"I could not ask for a better, more professional team!! They matched us with photographers that were familiar with the ceremonies we were doing (an Indian fusion wedding), and made sure that they understood every aspect of the weekend we wanted captured."
-Nisha and Hunter




Each photographer has been hand-selected and personally trained by Sara

Our team is known for consistency and publication quality. Over the last 10 years, our team has been regularly featured in publications such as BRIDES Magazine, The Knot Magazine and Style Me Pretty. We curate editorial stories with a heart for the details.


"Sara and her team are total seasoned professionals and clearly love what they do. Their level of commitment to their clients is truly incredible, and they are super organized, attentive, and thoughtful." - Esther + Michael

Every image you see on this website has been captured by our team. (Sara's personal portfolio is over here!)

We are known for our team's consistency: the same style of lighting, posing, composition and editing from every member of our family, for over a decade.


"Our pictures turned out perfectly – we have so many favorites, and we have no idea how we are going to downselect to just a few to frame in our home. As two camera shy people, we have never felt more comfortable and confident."
- Emily and Cora

As a close-knit family of photographers, capturing a wedding is a very personal experience. We value getting to know each couple we work with. During our first video chat, I'll learn all about you (and what matters most to you!) so I can pair you with the perfect fit from our team for your style and vision.


I'm an artist to my core. My grandmother was also an artist - she created beautiful paintings that filled her home with color and memory. She interpreted her world through a paintbrush; I interpret mine through a lens. Every artist's work is a reflection of their own heart, as they interpret their world. I've spent over 15 years researching, developing and refining my approach to Neo-Impressionism as a photographer. 

As a natural style of editorial photography, the onelove aesthetic is an delicate play on light and color. Our artistic model is focused on scenic composition in order to carefully narrate a story in an atmosphere filled authentic emotion.





Neo-Impressionism as Editorial Art

we are a family of neo-impressionists

Neo = A new interpretation. Monet and Renoir are our muses. Like with Impressionism, fascination with light and movement is at the core of our art. WE WORK WITH OUR HEARTS AND OUR HANDS. In an instant, technological society that is starved for human touch, we consider ourselves artisans of life. We believe prom photos happened in high school and should never happen again. EVER! We will make your wedding easy. No wedding drama allowed. We guarantee we will be the easiest wedding professional you will work with. We believe that friends and family are more important than money. We believe that creativity is maximized when you're living in the moment. Play is our brain's favorite way of learning. We believe there is no such thing as a perfect wedding. The reality is, things are going to go wrong on your wedding day. That's fine. IT'S GREAT, EVEN. It's the imperfections that make the day yours (And the best photos). Beauty is in imperfections. Be loyal to what you love, be true to the earth, love wholeheartedly with passion and laughter. People will forget what you said and what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel. We believe to forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. We believe that unity is not possible without diversity. We are only a small part of our world family, joined by ONE VERY INTENTIONAL CHOICE TO LOVE!

Sara determines who will be the best fit for you from our team during a personal consultation. It's a very thoughtful decision, as she considers many factors (your venue, cultural/religious traditions, personal style, as well as your personalities).

Since each member of our team is trained by Sara to shoot in the same style, and she edits their imagery, you will be in great hands with any member of our family. However, this pairing is very personal, therefore Sara hand-selects the team member for you specifically and you will view their private portfolio (as our blog is only a sampling of all of our work!)
Every image you see on this website has been captured by our team. Sara edits year-round for the company, therefore she personally photographs only a handful of weddings per year (Feel free to check out her portfolio here

What member of your team will be photographing my wedding?