Common Questions

Q.Where are you located?
A. We are a team based in the Bay Area, Southern California, and Portland. Sara lives in the Bay Area but she works between SF and LA, while the rest of our team is based in all regions.
Q.What member of your team will be photographing my wedding?
A. Sara determines who will be the best fit for you from our team during a personal consultation. It's a very thoughtful decision, as she considers many factors (your venue, cultural/religious traditions, personal style, as well as your personalities). Since each member of our team is trained by Sara to shoot in the same style, and she edits their imagery, you will be in great hands with any member of our family. However, this pairing is very personal, therefore Sara hand-selects the team member for you specifically. 
It's important to note that we only post approximately one to two weddings/engagements per month on our blog, though as a team (LA + SF) we photograph over 20 sessions (wedding/engagements) per month. Since we are unable to blog every photo session captured by each lovely member of our team, it's normal to not see work from every team member on the blog. Instead, we host private portfolios for each member of our team. After Sara pairs you with your photographer, she will share their private portfolio with you to explore.  
Since Sara has personally trained and edits for each member of our team, she is the most familiar with the experiences they have had with different venues, cultures and personalities. She is in the best position to consider who will work best with your style. Given the latter as well as the fact that our public blog is such a limited sample, we strongly encourage couples not to select a photographer off the website, but instead, meet with Sara to find the best fit. 
Sara edits year-round for the company, therefore she personally photographs only a handful of weddings per year. Most couples love working with her trained team, as their work is regularly published on the pages of Style Me Pretty and throughout print magazines across the world. Sara lives in the Bay Area and is available to travel for couples looking for a full service package with an album and engagement session.
Q.Do you travel for weddings?
A. Yep. Since we are based in Los Angeles and San Francisco we do not charge any kind of travel fee in the 100-mile vicinity of these areas. Outside of 100 miles, or with late night coverage after 10pm, we can discuss the arrangement for accommodating us with a hotel, or flight, if necessary. We’re simple – no hidden “fees”.
Q.Do you also provide videography?
A. We focus exclusively on still imagery, and find that generally it is best to hire these services separately. Generally with companies who offer both services, one of the two tends to suffer. We love working with videographers and you can check out some of our favorites here.
Q.How do I properly credit onelove photography while using your images online?
A. So glad you asked. Our company name is often mis-spelled incorrectly.  
- One Love Photography 
- Onelove Photography 
- One Love Photo 
- Onelove Photo 
onelove photography 
(All lowercase!) 
Glad that we've cleared that up, phew, folks! What a relief!! 
Now go have fun posting away online, but remember to use these following respective links! 
Instagram: myonelove 
Twitter: omyBeloved 
Q.How early should we reserve our date with you?
A. May-September book very quickly around 6-8 months in advance. However, with our team we do sometimes have more availability, so it's always worth checking! 
We accept reservations on a first-come, first-serve basis with a 30% deposit. Checks and credit cards are accepted.
Q.Why is there sales tax on my wedding photography package?
A. If you reside in California and we deliver an album or USB drive within this state, the government does require you to pay sales tax. Back in the day when weddings were only shot on film, couples did not receive their film negatives, so they were not taxed on the hours of photography coverage. When the USB Flash Drive (negatives) are included, the hours we spend shooting are delivered onto a product (USB Drive) which the state requires tax to be paid on. If you live out of California, then you are exempt from sales tax. (Want to read the official doc? See here)
Q.Have you shot at my wedding venue before?
A. This is a common question we receive from couples. The truth is, whether or not your photographer has shot at your venue is not that important. 
Good photographers will be prepared to adapt to any situation that arises on your wedding day. Suppose your wedding photographer has shot at your venue a couple of times — thereby passing the “Have you shot here before?” test — but it was always on a beautiful, sunny day with clear skies. But, on your big day, it’s raining! Is it going to matter to you if they say, “You know, it’s always been sunny before, so I didn’t bring [insert crucial piece of equipment here]. Since I don’t have it, I can’t shoot your ceremony.” Yes, it’s going to matter! You trusted your photographer to be prepared, and they should be! 
Shocking as it may sound, it’s actually better if they haven’t been to your venue before. 
Do you remember the first time you visited a great landmark, or traveled to a new country? Do you remember the excitement in which you snapped away with your camera and absorbed your surroundings? The creative juices were flowing with your excitement for all the new sounds and sights. The same goes for a wedding photographer! The first time I shoot at a venue, I am thrilled with creative ideas and outlets with settings and backgrounds I’ve never used before. It’s often where I make my best pictures. 
After having shot at a venue 2, 3 or 4 times, we know the ropes – but the thrill is not the same as the first time there. 
In lieu of asking whether a photographer has shot at your venue before, you might want to ask, “What is your experience shooting an evening wedding inside a cathedral?” Or, “Tell me about a time when you were shooting outside in the middle of the day, with no canopy or shade.” This is how you’ll separate folks who are inexperienced from the experienced wedding photographers who will always deliver professional results.
Q.I can’t decide if I should hire a wedding coordinator or just ask my friend of the family?
A. We have a name for this dilemma! 
“Friendor” = Hiring a friend on your wedding day | OR | a professional who doesn’t normally work at weddings 
This might be the single most important thing you do on your wedding day. We can’t say it enough – hire a pro. A wedding-experienced professional. We understand that budgets can be tight, but this is the not the place to save cash. In that case, try a day-of coordinator with professional experience. We can make some great, affordable, recommendations! 
We love your friend of the family, and I am sure they are a super organized person! However, unless they work at weddings regularly, there are a number of things that a wedding professional will do to keep the schedule smooth that a “Friendor” may not be aware of. We have seen many weddings run very late because there was no professional day-of coordinator to monitor the schedule, and it’s too much work for the Mother of the Bride/Maid of Honor to manage alone. No one wants chaos on their wedding day. 
There’s a lot of warnings out there about using “Friendors” for your wedding, mostly because you know how things can go when money exchanges hands between friends. (Or if it’s done for free… that’s a whole other issue) 
Questions to ask yourself for any Friendor: 
Do they have the proper skills/ talent/ experience to perform/ produce the wedding service they have so kindly offered? (A wedding isn't a dress rehearsal - if they forget the speaker cable/the extra camera battery/{insert critical equipment here} your wedding might not be the fairy tale you dreamt.) 
Is the friend is a professional but normally does not work weddings? 
What happens if you are not happy with the results of their work? They are a Friendor after all, how will you complain and or ask for more, or something different (and still remain friends if they get offended?!) 
Do they have insurance – most likely they don’t – what happens if they inadvertently [or even directly] cause an accident causing harm to you, the venue, property or a guest? Who pays up? -Most likely you! 
Will you have a contract, or a formal agreement for what they are providing – if you hired a professional,you most certainly would! 
Do you have a back up plan if they get sick or can’t come? They’re (most likely) not a professional/ working in the industry so wouldn’t have a partner/ back up vendor they would use regularly. 
If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, run for the hills!!! Mixing friends and business is sticky and ESPECIALLY sticky with the amount of expectations and pressure of a wedding.
Q.How long will it take to receive my photos?
A. You will see a sample gallery of 100 edited images in just 4 weeks after your wedding! Woohoo! That’s fast. And we edit the remainder of your photos within 2-3 months from your wedding date. This is written in contract, in stone. No worries, no wondering, no horror stories of not seeing photos for a year after your wedding! All of the files included on your USB drive are edited, high resolution JPEG files. You also receive a print release signed by the company, so you have the written permission to print the photos personally.
Q.Can I share my photos on online, i.e. Facebook?
A. Yep! We love to share our photos online – however please always remember to link to our website: or our Facebook page: 
Q.Do we own the rights to our digital files?
A. You have the rights to the personal use of your wedding images. This means you can print them, post them on Facebook, or use them in a Save the Date if you link back to our website. We maintain the copyright as the creators of the imagery, which means we reserve the right to authorize where the images can and cannot be used publicly. That being said – we will always be in communication with our clients before using images publicly. Please note that it is illegal to right click or screen shot online gallery images or other images featured on this blog, make copies from prints, sell or alter images received in USB or print format. If you would like to use the photos for any other purposes please contact Sara Allen at
Q.Do you have insurance??
A. Yep. We have a $1M Liability Insurance policy with a certificate we can send to your venue if you need. Just let us know.
Q.How would you describe your photography style?
A. Our style is really a fusion:  
ARTISTIC (CREATIVE) + EDITORIAL (CANDID) = the “onelove” aesthetic 
We are a team of Neo-Impressionists: photographers inspired by Monet and Renoir. But you’re not simply left with artsy-fartsy photos that are so abstract you lose the story. With all of our Editorial/Newspaper backgrounds, we capture live-action with a documentary style. This fusion of ART + EDITORIAL is rare and wildly creative.
Q.We love your style but would love to have some traditional portraiture. Is this something you do?
A. We do traditional portraiture at a designated time period within most of our weddings. Even the most modern brides still want the heirlooms that family portraiture creates. We do not, however, conduct portrait sessions in a traditional way. Instead, they are very loose, fun, and show off your personality. We will spend only 20 to 45 minutes on any posed photographs out of a typical 8 hour day.
Q.Do you shoot film or digital?
A. Both. We use film toy cameras (Holga, Polaroid, Lomographic, etc.) for a creative addition to your digital imagery. The creative latitude that digital gives is beyond compare. When we shoot, we not only shoot for the moment, but have a clear vision of what the finished image will look like. As a trained Image Technician for major national newspapers, Sara processes every image of your wedding with the necessary enhancements to achieve the perfect quality demanded of major editorial publications.
Q.I'm having a religious ceremony. Are you familiar with the events that will take place?
A. We have been blessed to have photographed many, many different types of weddings. We've documented Catholic, Jewish, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist and Chinese ceremonies. If you are having a wedding that is not listed here we would absolutely love to learn all about the customs and events.