Oh, the COVERs!

Standard vs. Luxe


1. To make your order, select the size and number of sides.
2. Next, let us know if you'd like to make your image selections or not
3. Last, you can take 6-8 weeks to select your cover material. This can be done at the end of the process!

Click here to shoot Sara an email and we'll be happy to start the order and answer any questions you may have.

Album options

8x8 (20) sides
10x10 (20) sides
12x12 (20 sides)

5x5 (20) sides
6x6 (20) sides
8x8 (20) sides
10x10 (20) sides

Primary ALBUM 


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A duplicate, miniature version of your primary album






Standard only

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Standard album cover materials are fabric and faux-leather

Luxe album cover materials include leather options and thicker album pages

Additional sides available at $25/each

Additional sides available at $25/each

Which album is right for me?

20 sides (~50 images)

30 sides (~70 images)

40 sides (~90 images)

≤ 7 hours coverage 

8 hours coverage

≥ 9 hours coverage

Our most popular album is the 10x10 30-sided Luxe Leather album. Second to that is the 10x10 20-sided Standard album.

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