Live Bands

THE Illiance

If you love hip-hop, funk/R&B and a good dance party - you will LOVE The Illiance. Sara hired them for her wedding reception and they brought the house down with covers of Dr. Dre and The Roots. Your guests will never leave the dance floor! 

Bay Area

Tony Glaser (FUNK/Bluegrass)

Tony is the most versatile musician we've ever worked with. He slaps a mean upright bass in a bluegrass trio, sings, plays guitar, and can do it all. Sara hired him to lead a bluegrass trio in her own wedding!

SF Bay Area

pop rocks

This band has an amazing reputation for a reason. We have seen them in action - they set a dance crowd on FIRE! It's amazing the energy they bring with the latest top hits that everyone goes nuts dancing to - plus the classic rock hits your parents love.... We love these guys over a DJ for the big hits any day!



We have had very good experiences with this company! They have a variety of bands in different genres depending on the style of music you love.

Bay Area


Super reviews from the weddings we have worked with these guys! Classy!

SF Bay Area