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Super reviews from the weddings we have worked with these guys! Classy!

SF Bay Area



“The band is flexible — we went with a 9 piece little big band and a 3 piece jazz trio for the cocktail hour. But they offer several configurations, with or without vocals (male or female) and I think they also do ceremony music if that is desired. And while there are lots of choices, Fil makes excellent recommendations, and we basically just went with what he suggested. Perhaps even more importantly, I thought he was awesome at gauging the mood of the dance floor, making the switch from swing to R&B/Motown at just the right moment. And the band LOOKED classy! All those bandstands and formalwear. Very cool.”

SF Bay Area

pop rocks

This band has an amazing reputation for a reason. We have seen them in action - they set a dance crowd on FIRE! It's amazing the energy they bring with the latest top hits that everyone goes nuts dancing to - plus the classic rock hits your parents love.... We love these guys over a DJ for the big hits any day!



We have had very good experiences with these guys! 

Bay Area