Chris is so awesome. Funny, relaxed, reliable and understanding. If you are looking for someone easygoing and easy to work with – we highly recommend him.  
A little info on Chris: he has been married since 1994 to his wife Kristy and they have a young son together. He has been a minister in the Bay Area for over 18 years, and has spent those years gaining experience performing many different types of weddings.

SF Bay Area

(925) 980-6384

Molly Cahen (officiant coach)

Molly offers a wonderful service where she coaches your family/friends and helps curate the script/ceremony!  "There are so many logistics involved in this responsibility, and that’s a huge part of what I help with. I have observed firsthand how a well-prepared officiant makes the job easier for vendors (aka, knowing to step to the side so the photographer can capture the kiss without an awkwardly posed officiant lurking in the background!) and I want everyone to feel confident that the day will run smoothly. I get officiants set up with a questionnaire for their couple, work with them to develop an outline for their script, and provide ongoing feedback and prep sessions throughout the process. "

SF Bay Area + Virtual 

(925) 980-6384