Approval for Sharing Imagery

Want to share some imagery?
Instructions for Requesting Approval of Public Image Use

Approval for sharing wedding imagery is available 60 days from a wedding through 6 months after a wedding date. After 6 months, the wedding will be archived on our servers!

Please wait at least 60 days from the wedding date (or 30 days from a portrait date) before requesting approval, as we complete the final edit at this time. (It is confusing to a client if they see images on another company’s website/social media account before their contracted photographer, onelove, posts their gallery). 

All images taken from your camera must be approved before sharing on Instagram, Facebook or your website. Please cross reference our delivery gallery with your images, and only share images that were delivered to the client. In the case one of these images was different/not delivered to the client there could be some confusion if they see it online.

A wedding client receives their sneak peek gallery 30 days from their wedding, you also receive a link to this for review. The final delivery of all imagery is 60-90 days from the wedding date. The final delivery is only sent to photographers upon request (Email

– Review the Pixieset gallery that was delivered to the client (Request from if needed) and select up to 20 images from the client’s delivery that you would like to edit for your own website/Instagram account.

Option A: Place these files in a gallery of your own and share with Sara for review.

Option B (EASIEST!): Create your own Favorites list with up to 20 images on our client’s Pixieset gallery. When you create a Favorites list, please email Sara to request her to review to approve images.


– On IG: “Photographed for @myonelove”

– On a blog: Both reference “onelove photography” in the writeup paragraph before your photos (if applicable), or at the end of the entire post “Your Name/onelove photography”

– In a flash slideshow or as a standalone image on a portfolio (“Your Name/onelove photography”) imprinted ON the image if not underneath each individual image used

– With any individual images used full screen, we do require a credit on the actual image (bottom corner). Using a credits page is not acceptable, as they are hard to find.

Back story: I am sure you can understand how important it is for us to maintain a contract with our clients, and we recently had a situation where a photographer was sharing full screen photos without a credit on the images (but instead on a credits page which the client didn’t find) and they thought someone stole their wedding photos, and called me in a panic asking why their wedding photos were on another company’s website. I had to explain that this was their second photographer, and that we approved it, but they were very alarmed. That being said, adding a clear credit underneath or on each actual image helps prevent any confusion for our clients.


– On Facebook Tag “onelove photography”

– On Instagram: Shot for @myonelove

The company name is spelled all lower case “onelove photography”

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