Backyard Wedding Tips

Backyard Wedding Tips

Plan your photos EARLIER than you think. 

Most backyard weddings are somewhat limited in space for photography. If your guests are arriving and you are still taking photos, it will be cramped! There will be less available space for your photo backgrounds if guests or vendors are setting up in that space.

The setup process of a backyard wedding (for your rentals and vendors) will be more involved than at a wedding venue. Since the vendors have never worked there before, they are all likely setting up together for the first time on that property. This can cause unexpected delays as they navigate that process together, and can be a little busy! Plan to end your photo at least one hour before your ceremony time to prevent any stress in this area.

Hire a planner.

You need to plan for “zen.” Too many couples make the mistake of not hiring a professional wedding planner for their backyard wedding. They are committed to how “zen” and relaxed their wedding will be, so they avoid hiring a planner to help facilitate the process between the home and the vendors. The reality is: you don’t want to (and can’t really) be the one helping the caterer get set up, the cake delivery to the right table, or advising the DJ where to put their speakers that day. Hire a professional – and let them take that responsibility from you so you can truly be “zen.”

Backyard Wedding Tips

Make table assignments. 

Another misnomer is that a backyard reception dinner will be more relaxed and fun if everyone can choose their own seats casually that day. Nope! This undoubtedly leaves some of your most important family members (even your elderly ones) sometimes without a comfortable seat. Or, they are left to sit in the far back corner since they didn’t find a seat as fast as your younger friends. You want your closest family and friends surrounding you in the heart of the action, not stuck on the fringes, or uncomfortable.

Backyard Wedding Tips

Go with the flow.

Backyard weddings have a life of their own. You want a comfortable vibe at your wedding – that’s why you chose your backyard, right? While there can be delays (parking/shuttles/catering setup), enjoy the day and accept that things may run differently than you planned. However, this is your unique wedding memory in a place that is your own private home (for the day!).

Now, it’s time to party!

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Backyard Wedding Tips