Photo Tips For the Camera Shy

Given that your wedding is such an emotional and happy experience, you’re definitely going to want to document it. But if standing in front of a camera sounds like your worst nightmare, taking wedding pictures can cause uneasiness.

To help with this, we offered our best tips to The in recent interview about taking wedding pictures especially if you’re camera shy.

It’s super common for couples to be nervous about being photographed, but there are tangible tricks to make your photoshoot go smoothly. Wondering what they are? See all the best tips for taking wedding pictures if you’re camera shy, below.

Photo Tips For the Camera Shy

1. Practice at an engagement session

Practice makes perfect—and wedding pictures are no exception. If you’re worried about getting great photos on your wedding day, schedule an engagement session with your photographer. This will allow you to get to know your photographer and to help you get comfortable in front of the camera. You don’t want the first time you’re meeting your wedding photographer to be on your wedding day. Another pro of scheduling an engagement session is you’ll feel more confident while posing. Since you’ll be familiar with your photographer, another perk is knowing your preferred angles.

Photo Tips For the Camera Shy

2. Focus on your partner

If looking at the camera gives you jitters, take your focus off the camera and concentrating on other things. One of the best options? Your partner, of course. We encourage people to focus on the person they love right in front of them. That’s your safe space, so focus on your person. The photographer will work around you. You don’t have to stare into the camera to get great pictures.

Photo Tips For the Camera Shy

3. Have a drink!

Yes, really. There’s nothing wrong with having a little liquid courage before your wedding photos. In fact, we recommend it for couples who feel extra uncomfortable in front of the camera. It gives people their wings, and they’re less likely to be stiff or give their fake smiles.

However, keep it limited. You don’t want to have a bottle of champagne because that can create for potentially sloppier smiles and unsafe driving home. But just a glass of bubbly sometimes helps people relax.

Photo Tips For the Camera Shy

4. Laugh (especially when you feel awkward!)

As the old saying goes: Fake it ‘til you make it. If you’re feeling nervous, laugh out loud with your partner. It may feel awkward, but it works really well. Awkward laughs actually make for great pictures.

This method works extremely well for photos since people won’t know what was happening in the moment. “When it’s a still photograph, nobody knows what you’re saying to each other and they don’t know why you’re laughing. So hold hands or just laugh awkwardly because sometimes those little moments in between can be really cute.”

Photo Tips For the Camera Shy

5. Get your hair and makeup done

Who doesn’t love a little glam from time to time? Consider getting your hair and makeup professionally done.

An engagement session is a great time to have a “trial” with your wedding day makeup artist. Plus, it’s true that a little more dramatic makeup and hair is often needed in photographs (mascara/eyeliner/lashes as well as lipstick/blush).

Occasionally we have a bride who calls us before or after her shoot, worried that the makeup was too dramatic for her normal taste, unsure of how it will look in photographs. Nearly every time, it actually photographs PERFECTLY when you kick the beauty enhancements up a notch!

It’s not a bad idea to get a manicure, too. Your new bling will be the star in these pictures! These are some of our favorite H&MUA to work with!

Photo Tips For the Camera Shy

6. Bring your pets

Our furry friends are family!  We love including them in engagement sessions. You may not be able to bring them to the wedding, so this is your opportunity to include them in photos as a family. One tip: make sure you bring a friend or family member to be the pet wrangler! It’s tough to focus on the photos when you’re worried about your sweet furry friend. 🙂

Photo Tips For the Camera Shy

7. Remember these are your photos

First thing’s first, remember that this is does not have to be a magazine glamour shot. This is your own personal memory, so you don’t have to worry about impressing anyone. Remember that these pictures are just for you and your partner always helps her couples relax a little bit more.

Photo Tips For the Camera Shy

8. Don’t compare yourself

Turning to Instagram or Pinterest for some photo inspiration is great, but falling into a comparison game can be dangerous. I’ve had couples who get stressed out thinking that they have to do this perfect shoot. Just let it be you. Let this be your experience. Don’t try to imitate or duplicate someone else’s experience. Trust your photographer (they are professionals, after all) and focus on what really matters: the love you and your partner share.

Photo Tips For the Camera Shy