Getting Started

If you do not own PhotoMechanic:

Install PhotoMechanic

Try Version 5 first:

If your computer cannot use Version 5, then use Version 6:

After the 30-day trial, we will provide you with a license number.

Step Two

Install each VSCO on your LR:


Above Key: J6R8-TF5L-SBD7-DUPY



Below link is optional:


(If you get an error message, try following steps 3/4 at this link


  • Click Download arrow in top right corner, save to your computer and install.

Getting Started

Getting Started Getting Started

Step Three

Download and save these in a folder titled “onelove photography” on your Desktop:

To import your presets, first make sure that they are unzipped if they have been downloaded as a zip file. To unzip them, simply double-click on the zip file and wait for a folder to appear in the same file location with the same name as the zip file. The preset files will be in that folder.

In the Lightroom menu at the top of the page, navigate to Lightroom -> Preferences.

In the ‘Preferences’ window that pops up, click on the ‘Presets’ tab in the upper left portion of the window.


Getting Started

Towards the center of the window, click on the ‘Show Lightroom Develop Presets’ button.

Getting Started

Now open a new window (DO NOT CLOSE THE DEVELOP PRESETS WINDOW) and find your folder on the Desktop.

Then select the onelove folder (with our company presets) you want to install.

Drag the selected onelove folder and drop them into the ‘Develop Presets’ folder.

Getting Started

Close the windows and close the Lightroom application. Re-open it, and your presets will now be in Lightroom on the left-hand side of the Develop tab. Click on the small triangle to the left of the folder name to reveal the presets inside each folder.


USE ONLY THESE PRESETS when working with us. You may not use our presets for any of your own personal work.

Step Four


Save this Camera Profile:

Follow the path User Library > Application Support > Adobe > CameraRaw > CameraProfiles and paste it in there!

To find the proper library and to start that path, go to the top navigation bar on your mac and click “Go” then hold down the “option” key to reveal the hidden library folder. Then proceed to the rest of the path that I’ve listed above.

You should be able to find it that way. Once you paste the profile to that folder. Restart your computer and you should be all set.

Step Five 

Apply these presets to these two images without any adjustments:

  1. 800 Love // COLOR
  2. BW 3200

Email me:

  1. The JPEG files to confirm that the installation was successful! (I do not need Raw files back. I have them!)
  2. What version of LR you are using


Step Six (LAST STEP)

When you start Photo Mechanic, just click its icon in the Dock and don’t open any contact sheets yet. Read these instructions to connect your Lightroom color classes to PhotoMechanic

Next go to the Launching preference page and check the box  “When opening a new Contact Sheet make the Navigator show the path to the folder”

Getting Started


Now go to the IPTC/XMP preference page. Click the Restore defaults button at the bottom. 

Getting Started

Now go to the right side, in the section When writing to Tiff-based raw photos and un-check the top box that Says Allow raw files to be modified. This will speed up all tagging, rating, color labeling and IPTC updates for raw files.

Getting Started

At the Launching preference page, you may choose (optionally) to make the default path for JPEGS to Lightroom.

Ok the preferences and then restart Photo Mechanic.

If you have succeeded, then USE THESE INSTRUCTIONS FOR EVERY EDIT! <—-Print this!!