Low-Light + Flash

Low-light is a bitch. Mastering this is the achilles heel of most photographers. However, if you follow these simple steps below – you will NAIL it every time.

Mastering the Threshold of…when to switch to flash

Imagine this scenario:

  • You are shooting natural light
  • Your ISO is maxed out (4000-6400)
  • Your shutter speed is at 1/200 (minimum)
  • ….and faces are underexposed? Switch to flash.

My Thoughts on On-Camera Flash: Keep it simple!

  • Use flash for moving subjects in low light (grand entrance, dancing)
  • Turn off flash for ambient images of a space (toasts, eating dinner, guests NOT MOVING)
  • Follow the “Sweet Spot” settings below

Low-Light + Flash


Ambient photos of a space

Knowing when to use flash, and not – is a skill. There are times when flash is absolutely necessary (i.e. dancing guests in a dark room) and times when it takes away from the mood of the event. See below examples of a room that had a sexy mood, and the only way to capture it.


Low-Light + Flash


No flash:

Low-Light + Flash

This room is most beautifully captured in ambient light.

This only works for seated guests – not for moving subjects (dancing, running, etc). Be sure to always include ambient imagery at night!