Mike & Lea

We love Lea’s recounting of the day! Lea: “It was incredible! Where to begin?! We wanted to make sure our family and friends had a good time. What better way to do that than with an open bar? Kidding -sort of.. Our ceremony lasted a whopping 15 minutes – it was short and simple and full of jokes (kind of like us). I think most people would find our wedding ceremony a little unconventional: Mike had six groomsmen and one groomswoman, I had four bridesmaids; our dog (the polar bear looking thing) walked down the aisle; I walked down the aisle to a Final Fantasy X-2 song, we walked back to Eye of the Tiger and struck a pose mid-way down the aisle. We just had fun! Cocktail hour consisted of everyone fending for the beef sliders, sitting around the fireplaces, enjoying drinks, and putting on the green (putters and golf balls provided by the country club – how cool is that?!)”

“There were so many funny moments throughout the day. Mike and I decided to do a first look. I was told to walk slowly towards him and tap his shoulder. But I heard one of my bridesmaids yell “tackle him!” So I did. I’m sure Mike will never forget that moment!”

“During the reception, we had a small area where we put together our favorite local snacks from the Sacramento and Davis area: Fat Face Popsicles, Mahoroba pastries, and Gold Rush Kettle Corn from the farmer’s market. Our favors were party sunglasses, which ran out before the reception even started! Needless to say, they were a hit! We had them custom made with a Libra sign on the side (Mike and I are both Libras -in fact, we have the same birthday!).”

“The best part was how easy going the entire day was. No muss, no fuss, just good food, good fun, and good company!”