Moni & Jacob

“We are very connected with one another’s families – a diverse mix of Jake’s half Puerto Rican, half Polish heritage, and my large Nigerian family. We often say in our relationship that, ‘home is wherever I’m with you.’ And it’s true! We knew our wedding would bring together a very diverse group of friends and family, and we wanted to make sure that everyone felt at home with us and with one another. Because of that, I think our wedding ended up being a different and unique experience for just about everyone in attendance.

“We love to travel and explore new places together and wanted to share our love of adventure with our guests. Our destination wedding at Calistoga Ranch, in the heart of Napa wine country, is a direct manifestation of that. We fell in love with Napa Valley and Calistoga Ranch during our first visit and were lucky to share our wedding with our loved ones at such a special place. “

We absolutely love watching cultures collide on a wedding day. It’s one of the rare places where you can witness the embodiment of an entire ethnic community within their ceremonial rituals coming alive alongside one another. This wedding was a treat to see in the “Best of 2015 Weddings” selection for The Knot Magazine’s latest issue. Moni shares so beautifully about how this “wasn’t a traditional Nigerian wedding, it wasn’t a traditional American wedding, but instead was a one-of-a-kind blend of cultures and experiences that truly represented us as a couple.”