Photographer Report

Our team is comprised of the most passionate and talented photographers in this industry. One of the most important pieces of each of our professional and artistic development is a result of feedback from our work. We value growth individually and collectively as a team, and I coach and train each of our team members to help them become the best photographer they can be.

As each of us is photographing, I am reviewing the imagery and taking notes on the report below (in view of our Lens Guide). I am assessing each team member’s performance based upon these criteria, and in view of how you are performing compared to the rest of the team. (It’s like back in high school when you were graded on a curve. Our best team members set that curve, and we are all striving to achieve more consistency each day). The more consistent you become, the better your imagery becomes – and the more successful you become.

In order to be promoted to a higher tier, our team members must be consistently performing on an overall average of 90% (A 6.3 out of 7) on all areas below:

Photographer Report