Preparing for Your Family Session

Preparing for Your Family Session


1. When will my photos be ready?

Your online gallery of images selected are posted 4 weeks after the session. You will be able to select your favorite images from the gallery to download and have printed. Your gallery is active for 30 days.

2. What time will the shoot be? Where will we shoot?

We’ll want to assess this specifically for your shooting location. 🙂

FAMIlY SESSIONS: Typically OUTDOORS (See our favorite locations in Nor Cal and So Cal)


The best indoor locations have large windows (or glass doors) with

We want to use the ambient light but do not want direct sunlight shining in the room at the time of the session. Take a look at the nursery and when it’s brightest time of day without direct sun in the room and let us know.

Preparing for Your Family Session

The most flattering lighting is soft and indirect from big windows in these rooms.

3. How should we dress ourselves and our children?

The only “rule” we have is VARIETY! Gone are the “GAP” days with everyone coordinated in white tees and jeans 🙂 Instead, we love seeing color and personality. The key is: coordinating colors.

Find a way to coordinate without looking too “matchy”. While you don’t want to look like twins/triplets, you do want the look to feel balanced. One thing to remember is you don’t have to wear the same exact color. The same color family would work well too (example: bold purple and light purple). Style-wise, make sure you both match the overall “feel” of your look. 

We’ve found the best avenue is picking a color palette as everyone can find something in their wardrobe, and we love these ideas as they are colorful yet cohesive.

A colorful accent – POP!

Accents photograph amazingly. Here are some ideas:

  1. A bright piece of standout jewelry paired with a neutral outfit
  2. A bright blanket or throw paired with neutral clothing
  3. If your baby is wearing neutrals, go ahead and slip into a bit of color (or vise versa). The contrast will look awesome on camera!
Preparing for Your Family Session

Options, Options, Options!

It’s generally recommended to have several different outfits for a baby. Sometimes no clothes is needed at all for the cutest infant photos. But collect a few options to choose from. You will not change your outfit, but they might!

4. What props should we use?

– Pets
– Newborn clothing (shoes/onesies)
– Floral crown
– Handwritten signs (Coming soon, Baby’s name)
– Floral frame around baby (see examples here) All you need is a simple bouquet of flowers from the store, and we’ll arrange it!

– Stuffed animals
– Family heirlooms
– Nostalgic items from your hometown/favorite teams
– Swaddle blankets
– Favorite hobby items (musical instruments, movie memorabilia)

Preparing for Your Family Session
Preparing for Your Family Session
Preparing for Your Family Session
Preparing for Your Family Session
Preparing for Your Family Session
Preparing for Your Family Session