1. Lead photographer 

– Main point of contact for day of (Family, Couple, Other Vendors)

– Female lead photographers shoot bride dressing

– Male lead photographers shoot groom dressing

– Directs all following portraits:
a. Couple
b. Family
c. Joint bridal party

– It is YOUR JOB to give your subjects something to do (directions, feedback, encouragement)

2. Second photographer

– Monitor coverage list (any missed photos are NOT acceptable without consent from client and written note to Sara)

– Shoot groomsmen portraits and getting ready

– Family reactions to vows and toasts (Focus on the family)

– Shoot opposite angles of lead all day with exception of:
a. First kiss
b. First dance

– Experiment with different focal lengths from lead with exception of:

a. Vows (Shoot tight, opposite of lead)

View layout diagram of the shooting positions here


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