Sara & Dustin

“The first look was my favorite! It was just so sweet… we both could cry, hug, laugh and just be with each other… cause once you walk down that aisle it doesn’t stop until the end. Plus you get more photo time which ultimately leaves you with more time to dance, mingle and really enjoy being around all the people who came to celebrate with you.”

“Every decoration was from our very own home!! We wanted every detail to be “US” and by using our stuff it really brought that element. My friend painted most of the signs and she also did the table numbers… a little sneaky touch on my part was the table numbers were painted on dirty romance novels… like really dirty hahaha. We made our own photo booth which was pretty fun… we wanted people to dress up and get weird.”

Okay folks. This dance party you’re about to see goes down as all-time! We LOVE this crazy-free wedding!

In Sara’s words, “We had a total do-it-yourself wedding. I wanted everything to just flow from beginning to end. My friends had a big hand in helping us execute everything. We wanted a fun, magical, unique wedding… and I feel like we succeeded. Our friends and family are the most important thing… so we wanted to keep it less structured that way we could have more time to mingle, dance and drink.”

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