Session Locations (SoCal)

While we have great locations listed below, many places originally came as personal suggestions from couples, as their “favorite hangout” – so don’t feel obligated to follow what other couples have done. The best is when you make it your own, and take us to a place we’ve never been!

Can’t make up your mind on where you want to shoot your session? We have ideas for you!

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NOTE: Some locations may be subject to a travel fee


1. What time will the outdoor shoot be?

For an outdoor session:

On a sunny day we generally begin shooting 2 hours before sunset.

On a cloudy day, do not fear! Lighting is actually soft and beautiful, but we do need to start earlier (appx 3-4 hours before sunset).

(Check your the sunset time for your shoot here)

2. What happens if it rains?

We can shoot through it! However, your shoot will be required to start 2-3 hours earlier than originally planned, as the skies are darker on rainy days. Some of our cutest photos have been created on a rainy day. However, if you do not like being wet or worry about your hair in the rain, then we can reschedule. However, the soonest availability may not be for over 4 weeks, as we book out in advance.

We check the weather at the 7-day point before every shoot to estimate the weather. However, forecasts can be very unpredictable until 24 hours before the session. We recommend waiting to make any decisions about the shoot until 24 hours before a session to know the most accurate forecast for weather. NOTE: Your hair and makeup artist will need advance notice if you are starting 2-3 hours earlier, so we advise notifying them as soon as you see the potential rain on the horizon and ensure they will be available earlier.

3. What should I wear? Should I bring props?

We recommend 1-2 outfit changes for a 90 minute engagement session.  1 outfit for a 45 minute family portrait session.

Plan to have hair and makeup complete 30-60 minutes before you plan to depart for the session, to give you time to drive without stressing in possible traffic.  Read these tips on how to prepare!

Looking for a hair and makeup artist for your shoot? Here are our favorites

FYI on outfit changes: Many couples change in their car during our sessions if there is no bathroom nearby. Some bring a large blanket and change behind that if there is no bathroom! 🙂


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