Your onelove email

Congrats! It’s official – you have a onelove email account and we are here to help you set it up.

Your onelove email account is intended for ALL client-facing correspondence. Louisa will use this email to send portrait confirmations to you and the couple, as well as any wedding related questions you are involved in.

We will continue to use your personal email for all internal onelove logistics such as your availability or other “housekeeping” items.

  • Please do not use your personal email with onelove clients!
  • Always cc Louisa and Sara on any client correspondence. Please notify us of any client texts.


You have two choices to read your onelove email inbox:

  1. Read them from your iPhone mail app (Gmail/Email) by adding the email address or inbox to your app.
  2. Have the emails forwarded from onelove to your personal email


If you prefer option 2, read below.

How to forward your onelove emails to your personal email account:

  1. Log into your onelove email account on a desktop computer
  2. Click on Settings>See all settings>Forwarding

Your onelove email

3. Click on forwarding and “add a forwarding address”

Your onelove email


4. You will receive an email confirmation at your personal email address. Please enter that code here:

Your onelove email


5. IMPORTANT STEP: After entering the code, please choose if you prefer the email is forwarded and archived, or left in your inbox!

Your onelove email


If you do not choose an option above, the mail will not forward.

Lastly: Remember to always reply to onelove clients with your onelove email.  Never respond to a onelove client with your personal email!