Editor Rates: Instagram

Editor Rates: Instagram

Curated Image Story Requirements:

  • Minimum of 5 vertical images (Maximum 10 images)
    • Only the very best highlights!
  • WEDDING STORIES Must include at least one of the following:
    • One dressing/detail photo (Invites/shoes OR bride/groom actually dressing)
    • Bouquet in hand or alone
    • Couple photos (First Look is optional to include. We want the most flattering images)
    • Ceremony space (wide)
    • One centerpiece or table setting
    • A good mix – A range of shots will always perform better than 4 bridal portraits in a row.
      Try to differentiate the different types of photos.
    • Closing photo (nighttime scene, couple dancing in dark, something moody that says “the end”)


Feature Image for Main Feed:

  • TIPS:
    • Square or vertical
    • Must match style of feed: instagram.com/myonelove/
    • Try to avoid black + white photos.
    • What works? First looks, first dance, wedding exits, pretty reception venue setups,
      bouquets, unique elements.
    • What doesn’t work? Stationery, place settings, bridal portraits, shots that are too
      editorial. Basically, stay away from photos that are of one static element.


How to submit files for review?

  • You’ll make two folders: FEED and STORY
  • Create a new folder for each submission in the respective folder you are submitting for
    • (i.e. “Jessica + James 7/7/18”)
    • Each FEED submission should only include 1 or 2 images, the very very best image(s). These photos could also be in the STORY folder you created.
    • You may do two folders for the same shoot/wedding. One for the STORY and one for the FEED.
  • Upload RAW + JPEG + XMP files
  • Include text file for any writeups with the files in each folder


If your selection is approved for publication, you will be notified to add to your invoice!

Have fun!