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PORT: 2022

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Username & Password: Request from Sara

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FTP client recommendations?

There are many FTP clients available for Mac, PC and Linux users. Here are some of the more popular. (Use at your own risk.)

• Mac: http://www.panic.com/transmit/ (Sara uses this. Has a license fee)
• Mac: https://cyberduck.io/ (Free)

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In Cyberduck:
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If your PhotoMechanic ever starts to slow down considerably (i.e. spinning wheel of death comes up often), you need to clear your cache.

Follow these instructions:

First shut down/quit out of Photo Mechanic (use the Cmd-Tab keys to make sure the PM icon isn’t showing and that it is completely closed), then find the “Library” folder on your Mac. It’s normally a hidden folder but all you have to do to reveal it is open a Finder window, then go to the top “Go” menu . While that is highlighted and the pop out options are visible, push the “Option” key on your keyboard and the “Library” folder will appear.

Open the “Library” folder and go to the “Caches” folder and then go down and find the folder titled Photo Mechanic (the top folder in the screen shot I’ve attached). Throw that entire folder in the trash and then empty the trash.

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Now, open Photo Mechanic back up and try opening a Contact Sheet again to see if you’re getting the normal speed without the slow down.