Rachel & Joseph

“Joe’s blue suit was a big deal, I’m not certain I had the forethought to realize the impact it would have, but was so elated by the outcome! Granted the traditional mindset is that “all eyes are on the bride”, but when I walked down the aisle my eyes were glued on the man in blue;) During our first look I could just tell he felt important, the details had really made a lasting memory. We had spent so much time debating tie colors, pocket squares, getting the fit just right…and it was fun seeing him invested in a process that didn’t include a flower or linen. Knowing that I wasn’t the only one getting the bridal ‘ooh’s’ and ‘ah’s’ was priceless, and he truly was a looker.”

We love a sparkly romance! This whimsical wedding is filled with beautiful handmade touches and the sweetest couple ever, Rachel and Joe.

Rachel shares, “We wanted a relaxed romantic vibe, with subtle hints of what our relationship is made of. By trying to keep the colors softer, it left room for details that wouldn’t overwhelm. We wanted guests to feel comfortable with a little sparkle here and there.”

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“Margaret took us off to take photos after the cake cutting, right as the sun was setting. All the formalities were done and I really felt like we had a chance to breathe and make a memory. We walked out to this country road lined with vineyards, and in the distance you could hear our guests cheering, and we couldn’t help but laugh. Knowing that they were all having so much fun, with or without us, truly made us happy. And being able to start our life together surrounded by that much unapologetic celebration was pure bliss.”