Springtime Cherry Orchard Engagement

We LOVE the story of how Raechel and Kenny met. Who hasn’t ever been in an awkward situation in a bar… but Kenny saved the day!! Read their story:

Kenny and I met through a chance encounter during a night out at Open Bar, a total dive in Pacific Beach. I had texted one of my girlfriends who worked in the research lab I was involved in and asked her to come meet me out. After a few margaritas, we decided to meet her boyfriend’s friends at Open Bar. Walking in there, I began talking to a guy from out of state who ended up buying me a drink. Trying to get out of the conversation with this guy, I turned to one of the boyfriend’s friends (Kenny) and asked him, ‘Will you pretend to be my boyfriend so this guy will leave me alone?’. The friend’s (Kenny’s) answer to me? ‘No.’

As I stood there in shock, wrapping my head around why this complete stranger (again, Kenny) refused to be my pretend boyfriend (lol), he turned to the guy from the bar and said ‘Hey man, she’s not interested, sorry.’  The out of stater, visibly angry, turned around and before he walked away said ‘Good luck with that one!’ (referring to me).

And guess what… Now we’re getting married!

Springtime Cherry Orchard Engagement

Even better – Kenny proposed to Raechel at her parent’s home in Byron, and we photographed their engagement there (which is the same place they will be getting married!). The beautiful property is spacious with a barn, and a cherry orchard across the street which we had so much fun shooting in together.

Springtime Cherry Orchard Engagement Springtime Cherry Orchard Engagement Springtime Cherry Orchard Engagement Springtime Cherry Orchard EngagementSpringtime Cherry Orchard Engagement